Call for Artists/Performers/Curators/Musicians

Salon Flux events are a synthesis of film screening, exhibition and club-night. The presentation of short films, visual art works, as well as live art is in the centre of the events embedded in concerts and DJ performances. This all-embracing, multi-disciplinary approach facilitates an experience appealing to a variety of senses, beyond the purely visual sensations given in most exhibition environments, creating a relaxed atmosphere for the participating individuals to engage with one another, to communicate and network within.

The events take place only for one evening, in order to create a dynamic understanding of the show and to stress the importance of the gathering at a specific time and place.

To submit work please send

- no more than 2 art works
- up to 4 images of each work
- For performance or installation works include a short proposal
- Application form


Download Application Form Here

We are looking forward to hearing from you!