An evening of performances, lectures, somatic participation and conversation hosted by Mira Loew & Franziska Zaida Schrammel.

30. November 2017, 7 - 9.30 pm
Kunstlerhaus 1050, Stolberggasse 26, 1050 Vienna.

Geschichte(n) des Körpers/ Body Hi/story(ies) investigates different approaches to how we think and make our embodied narratives, personal histories and collective memories. At the centre of the project are questions about how we feel, process and communicate with-and through--our bodies.

Playing with different modes and possibilities of translation, Geschichte(n) des Körpers/ Hi/story(ies) aims to explore and challenge the dichotomies and correlations associated with body and mind, movement and language, emotion and gesture as well as different modes of translation.

The evening stages a series of artistic as well as theoretical positions that reflect on the exhibition, as well as an open conversation.

The event will be bilingual (English & German).

Please note: The audience will be invited to participate in a somatic exercise. No prior movement experience or training is necessary.

Delicate buffet by Gunter Schrammel.

CONTRIBUTIONS (in order of presentation):

Jane Frances Dunlop (CA/UK):
Notations for an echo

JFD performs a text writing in response to - and as part of - Moving Feelings, bringing into language the repetitions and rhymes that connect the various aspects of the exhibition.

Jane Frances Dunlop is an artist and writer whose work addresses the intersecting politics of contemporary digital technologies and emotion. Her artwork has been performed, exhibited and presented internationally and her writing has appeared in Real Life and Performance Research.

She is member of Salon Flux, and lives and works in London.

Anna Leon (AT):
Beyond the dancing body: possible expansions of choreography

A talk on potential expansions of choreography from body to paper, film, sound, space.

Anna Leon studied Psychology and Philosophy in Bristol (UK) and Aesthetics/Philosophy of art in Paris (France). She is currently a PhD researcher in the Dance Studies Department at the University of Salzburg (Austria), focusing on the historical precursors of expanded choreography.

Since 2015, she has been conducting practice-oriented Dance history and theory workshops for dancers.

Lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg.

maRia Probst (AT):
The body is and is and is. Featuring sound by Bernhard Weiss
(a participatory somatic contribution)

Possibilities to act on slips of paper with Joker.
What are you telling me body, you sensomotorial water, you enclosure, you divided cell, cell, divided cell?

Since 1999, maRia Probst has worked as an independent dance and performance artist as well as a lecturer in dance, performance and somatic education. She studied Contemporary Dance and Dance Pedagogy at Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz (AT) and Participatory Arts and Movement Research in San Francisco (US). Her current practice is mostly collaboratively developed and focuses on site-specific performances as well as hybrid formats between artistic creation and mediation.

Lives and works in Vienna.

Olivia Jaques (CH/AT), Bettina Kattinger (AT) & Marlies Surtmann (AT):
Augenzeug_innenbericht (eye-witness account)
(A participatory somatic contribution)

An exercise for two speakers and an audience.

Olivia Jaques, Bettina Kattinger and Marlies Surtmann are artists and cultural workers. Their work focuses on the reciprocal influence of artwork, space and recipients/the public; working collectively and working as process are focal points of their shared examinations.

The questioning of the curatorial is part of their shared collective artistic practice. Recent works include the art space Friday Exit (2012-2016) and Performatorium.
Performatorium is a long-term project which started in September 2017 at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, VIE. As a “ laboratory for practiceoriented research in performance art”, Performatorium aims to long-term foster discourse and exchange of contemporary artistic practises within a performative context.

Arno Böhler (AT):
Sensorial Bodies

Sensations are not private phenomena. One senses others whenever one feels something. Arno Böhler is a university lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy, University Vienna and a visiting lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. In collaboration with Susanne Valerie Granzer, he developed a lecture format testing art-based thinking methods that they term Philosophy on stage.

Since 2014 he has directed the artistic research project Artist- Philosophers - philosophy as artistic research (FWF-PEEK programme).

He lives and works in Vienna.

Maren Luebbke-Tidow (DE):
Zur Politik der Freundschaft (Politics of Friendship)

A reflexion on forms of togetherness in artist projects as political practice.

Maren Luebbke-Tidow is an art historian and political scientist and works as art critic, editor and curator. She also lectures regularly at a variety of art schools, including the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography, VIE. She was closely affiliated with the project Camera Austria (1997-2017), thereunder she was editor-in chief for the bi-lingual quarterly publication Camera Austria International, as well as in-house curator.