'Gestures for an occasion' will take place 24 April and, as with the previous two events, doors will open at 18h and we will begin our conversation around 19h.

For this open house, we've invited the artists who participated in the first two events to join us again. We will reflect on the conversations and exchanges of the first two events, thinking forward from the questions they posed.

This Open House is titled with 'occasion' in order to highlight the reoccurring social intimacy that characterises all the open houses: occasionally we get together, and when we do it is a bit of an occasion.

'Occasion' suggests something special and yet its eventfulness is exists in the everyday of our relationships with one another. An occasion is particular, to a time and to a place. It is created by the collectively decision to hold an event as important. And yet, its importance is more ordinary then an EVENT. Things that are occasional repeat, bringing us back together differently and the same.

We invite you to come think about the sense of occasion we create in our conversations and exchanges with one another. And, as ever, we invite you digress from the intended sense of occasion as much or as little as you'd like.

Doors open at 6pm. 1A2, Gaunson House, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ
Entry is free. Please RSVP to info@salonflux.com
Updates on the facebook event page.


This season focuses on cross-art form collaborative practices and processes. ‘gestures for exchange’ is one of three events, each addressing a different approach to notions of collaborative exchange.

If you can attend all three events, please do. We look forward to seeing how our discussions progress over the season.

The schedule for the entire season is:

Open House 20/03: ‘gestures for conversations’
Open House 03/04: ‘gestures for exchange’
Open House 24/04: ‘gestures for an occasion’