We are back with an evening of film screenings, conversations & contemplations on visualizing research, the practice of making essay films & the passion of visual story telling.

Video Program:
Bristol Diving School “Calor Immodicus: Excessive Heat, 2014”
Thomas Line “NV-MS5”
JO CLEMENT “Caught Mapping”
Morgan Evans “A+B”

All Artists will be present.

Doors open at 6pm. 1A2, Gaunson House, Markfield Road, N15 4QQ
Entry is free. Please RSVP to info@salonflux.com


Bristol Diving School “Calor Immodicus: Excessive Heat, 2014”

Calor Immodicus (Excessive Heat) is a short video essay that interrogates processes of observation as a mode of learning, via the scientific studies of C19th astronomer Le Verrier and philosophy of Da Vinci’s Treatise on Painting. Through a loose narrative structure, Calor Immodicus interweaves the hypothesised existence of the planet Vulcan, to the reproductive spores of the Vulcan Cup lichen, the bejeweled dreams of an aspiring Showgirl, to the myth of the Roman God of Fire.

Thomas Line “NV-MS5”

Thomas Line is a moving image artist based in London, working predominantly with redundant video technology to produce short, experimental works. His practice places a particular emphasis on the material instability of the now redundant medium of VHS. NV-MS5 could be misinterpreted as a traditional documentary, surrounding the history of the painter Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals series. However, the film attempts to blur the lines between documentary and fiction and explore the tenuous nature of 'telling the truth' within an essentially problematic form.

Jo Clement “Caught Mapping”

Jo Clements is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Manchester, UK who has shown work nationally and internationally. Her work demonstrates ways in which we creatively edit existing stories, personal and external, to construct meanings that suit our own interpretations of reality. Caught Mapping is a short film using only re appropriated images and words. Created as part of Clements’ ongoing exploration of methodologies for using moving image archives and the role artists can play in animating collections thereby generating new narratives for archival materials. A montage of found ephemeral footage is projected alongside a voice-over that discusses theories of appropriation and plagiarism. The work explores issues of originality, authorship and ownership.

Morgan Evans “A+B”, 24’04”

Morgan Evans is a video artist based in London. Her work explores themes of cinematic history and dystopian paranoia with a prevailing sense of narrative to tie these subjects together. Studying Fine Art at the University of Westminster with a film and installation practice predominantly focused on alternative ways of viewing in the ever-changing mega-culture. Currently working in sound and painting. A+B is a subjective video essay on film the narrative journey.