Salon Flux Open House 07/04

Watching La Chinoise, 1967

This is an evening for people who neither know about Godard’s films nor need to know about him in order to have a standpoint towards cinema.

The idea of this screening is based on understanding why Godard's movies became a relevant way of making films and why people have made him important.

The film selected for this evening will be ‘La Chinoise 1967’. This choice has been made by analysing the highest rate of Godard’s downloads on a torrent service called ‘The Pirate Bay’.

We aim to watch the film without being conditioned by external factors. If we managed to detach ourselves from our cultural background and Godard’s influence on it and see his work as a child would see it, perhaps we could understand him otherwise as an artist rather than as a famous director within a established cultural discourse. The question is, then, whether we can do this or we are inevitably embedded in his cultural legacy.

Hosted by:
Alexiane Cazenave & Rafa Prada

Supported by FilmPro

Introduction starts at 19:00 -