13th of January 2011 - Boys Club Dalston

Salon Flux is a bimonthly event dedicated to artists films and moving image work, live visuals, live music and performance. Happening at the old Boys Club in Dalston, its aim is to transcend the boundaries between film screening, exhibition and clubnight, in order to create a social space in which artists and audience engage one another in a way that makes the blurring of art and life reality.

The first event is dedicated to introducing and testing the the concept of SALON FLUX. We will examine the possibilities of the space and stage our first happening by screening some of our own work alongside a selection of landmark films by admired artists. Live bands, DJs, VJs and performance artists will interact with and respond to those films.

Also we hope to meet a lot of future collaborators on this evening, so if you are interested in participating: show up, enjoy, stick around and connect.


Patrick Keiller - 1986 - 18 mins

"Ex-architect Patrick Keiller brings a graphic and compositional sense of landscape to this complex essay film following a conceited modern-day flaneur who conjects ruminatively over images of a curiously ill-defined European landscape… These odd, layered, extremely moving moments seem to almost stand in for the feeling of loss, displacement and restlessness evoked by Keiller's less than celebratory gaze upon the landscape, both physical and mental, thrown up by contemporary Europe. - Adrian Danks

Patrick Keiller - 1981 - 21 mins

"Stonebridge Park was visually inspired by a railway bridge in an outer London suburb. Images from a hand-held camera are accompanied by a voice-over commentary presenting the thoughts of a petty criminal panicked by the consequences of robbing his former employer." Geoff Brown and Bryony Dixon,

"...a riveting combination of formal-concrete cinema and glassy eyed schizo realism." - Raymond Durgnat.


Orchestra Elastique


David Altweger(


Renner Gugu
Sane Phoenix

Doors: 20:00 - Films start at 21:00