Salon Flux Open House 03/06

Reappropriation & Possession

During this evening, we will show pictures, documentation and some other works related to the public space. According to the topic the place of the debate will be ones again transformed and we will have the opportunity to taste fluorescent drinks during the evening.

The discussion will be run by Alfonso Borragan and Rafa Prada. We will discuss about the validity and effects of these actions on the system. We would like to approach these ideas in the context of the contemporary city to ask ourselves whether subversive actions are the way to the establishment as a system.

Discussion Run By:
Alfonso Borragan
Rafa Prada

Documentation & Photography:
Removing bricks, by Tony Fiorentino
An obelisk has fallen + video: ACAB. Essay on a peaceful rebellion or against social strategies, by Rafa Prada
Heygate Regeneration Scheme
Fluorescentce snack by Alfonso Borragan

6-9 pm
To RSVP please email