Salon Flux Open House 05/05

Watching Film Socialisme, 2010

We present our second evening dedicated to people who people who neither know about Godard’s films nor need to know about him in order to have a standpoint towards cinema.

On the ocassion of the second installment of our trilogy to understand Jean-Luc, we have chosen the movie ‘Film Socialisme’. Following our initial question as to ‘why Godard's movies became a relevant way of making films and why people have made him important’, we aim to connect the previous movie we screened (La Chinoise), which was made in the middle of his career, with his last one: ‘Film socialisme’; in order to have a wider understanding of his evolution as a filmmaker.

We will attempt to analyse Godard’s influence within his context and whether today his way of filming has become established or it still maintains transgressive aspects.

We propose an open-minded approach to his work in order to discuss his originality and coherence in regard to his evolution as an artist, his responses to different periods of time and his relationship with the audience.

Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks

Hosted by:
Alexiane Cazenave & Rafa Prada

Introduction starts at 18:00 -