SALON FLUX is an artist run organization based in London.

Salon Flux operates mainly through three schemes, the SF Events, Open House and the Archive.

Running on an irregular basis, the SF Events are a synthesis of film screening, exhibition and club-night. This all-embracing, multi-disciplinary approach facilitates an experience beyond the purely visual creates a relaxed atmosphere for the participating individuals to engage and network within.

The Open Houses aim to offer a platform for professionals to show and share their works and to inquire, debate and exchange conceptual grounds related to their practice with a focus on artistic research.

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Salon Flux Open House
at Geschichte(n) des Körpers / Body Hi/story(ies) - at Künstlerhaus Vienna

November 30th 2017, 7-9pm

The evening stages a series of artistic as well as theoretical positions that reflect on the exhibition, as well as an open conversation. The event will be bilingual (English & German).

Please note: The audience will be invited to participate in a somatic exercise. No prior movement experience or training is necessary, but you are encouraged to wear something you will be comfortable moving it.

More info and updates on the facebook event page.

image: Belen Zahera. martyr, 2017, wood.


Geschichte(n) des Körpers / Body Hi/story(ies) - at Künstlerhaus Vienna
Opening reception at September 14th 2017, 7pm
Salon Flux Open House - November 30th 2017, 7-9pm

Geschichte(n) des Körpers/ Body Hi/story(ies) investigates interdisciplinary approaches to how we think and make our embodied narratives, personal histories and collective memories. At the centre of the project are questions about how we feel, process and communicate with and through our bodies.

Playing with different modes and possibilities of translation, Geschichte(n) des Körpers/ Body Hi/story(ies) aims to investigate and trouble the dichotomies and correlations associated with body and mind, movement and language, emotion and gesture as well as different modes of translation.


Stolberggasse 26,
1050 Vienna, Austria


Opening reception December the 5th
Salon Flux will be hanging from about 18:30h.

It's all about books and prints and books and videos and sound and prints and books

On show:
Salon Flux Publishing and Archive
Eriz Moreno
Mira Loew
Lewis Bush
SubRosa editions
Hey Hey Hey
Rafa Prada
Rahel Zoller
The legend of RAMPA

TRIPP Gallery
59 Amwell Street
London, EC1R 1UR

Familienaufstellung- Salon Flux at Parallel Vienna 2016
Find us in room at 2.43!!

Salon Flux looks at an artist’s house, one in particular. How a house, an artistic, emotional & creative home becomes one artist’s practice. How that home, that practice becomes the backdrop for the artistic making for others. We investigate an artist’s house as a place that is home to a family and a network of artists, home to the creativity for her & for others. How do you archive a place & the experienced made within it? What triggers a history, what produces a present?
Familienaufstellung is the archive of an Austrian artist. Objects taken from a lifetime’s worth of creative experimentation across forms are presented alongside artistic response to her work.
The exhibition explores shared emotional histories & artistic memories through the system of relations they make.
Familienaufstellung is an exhibition that focuses in on imbrication of the real and imagined in our personal histories. Artists from across disciplines explore family memories and historical facts in the creation of real, reasonable and livable narratives.
The exhibition investigates how we build the collective and personal memories that frame our practices and influence our making. What is the difference between emotional and historical fact, how are these truths in tense and what happens when we live along the fault lines of their collusion?


David Altweger
Michaela Altweger
Rosa Beiroa
Jane Frances Dunlop
Luisa Koch
Mira Loew
Rafa Prada
Günter Schrammel
Belen Zahera

Artistic direction by David Altweger, Mira Loew
and Franziska Zaida Schrammel

Wed.: 15-18h Performative Installation by Jane Frances Dunlop & Mira Loew
Thur.: 16h join us for coffee & cake
Sat.: 17h Guided Tour by artistic directors

Parallel Vienna,
Alte Post, Dominikanerbastei 11,
1010 Vienna

Opening Times:
Tue: 13-22h Opening
Wed-Fri: 12-19h
Sat: 10-19h
So: 12-19h

live program TBA


14th May 2016 - „Salon Flux meets m.oe“ at mo.ë Vienna.

Salon Flux will host an evening of happenings on 14th of May 2016 at the art space mo.ë at Thelemanngasse Vienna as part of moë's current program "Liebe Arbeit".

Interdisciplinary works by artists from London & Vienna will be exhibited throughout the course of the evening. The space will become projection screen for audio-visual live performances & performative interventions.
The evening will start with an Open Dinner and round table discussion on "emotional labour" (the work of feeling for others).
Throughout this discussion artists & visitors are invited to consider questions on value & valence in artistic practice: How does artistic practice collaboration change in precarious circumstances? How do we position our-selves in precarious spaces?

Saturday, 14th of May 2016
5 pm: Open House-Dinner
8 pm: exhibition und live-event until 10pm
free entry
venue: m.oe, Thelemanngasse 4, 1170 Vienna

Dinner Guests (more TBC):
Anna Stangl (Malerei, Illustration)
Minou Tsambika (Bewegung, Körper)
starsky (Medien Kunst)
Amanda Pina (Tanz, darstellende Kunst)
hosted by Franziska Zaida Schrammel and Mira Loew

David Altweger (Sagberg) & Aaron James,
Mimie Maggale
Darren Sutton
Anja Nowak
Elisabeth Karasek
Resa lut
Luisa Hübner


OH Spring series - ways of being at hand

The Salon Flux Open Houses are a platform for artists to experiment with their work, to share work-in-progress and explore new directions. They offer a generously critical context for artists, theorists and curators to think about their processes, practices and current preoccupations.

Our Spring season will focus on cross-art form collaborative practices and processes. We will host three events, each addressing a different approach to notions of collaborative exchange.

The schedule for the entire season is:

Open House 20/03: ‘gestures for conversations’
Open House 03/04: ‘gestures for exchange’
Open House 24/04: ‘gestures for an occasion’


28th February 2016 - LAST EXIT day 2: AUKTION & BRUNCH & MUSIC at mo.ë Vienna.


20th December 2015 - OH 20/12 Open House on Translation
Please RSVP at


19th December 2015 - Future Library Publishing Fair at OSE


20th December 2015 - Self-publishing Saturday (Vienna)


23rd-27th October 2015 - Parallel Vienna 2015


5th September 2015 - Bunker screening


14th June 2015 - 1a2 Open


1st April 2015 - The Book (London presentation)